Enhancing the experience of group skiing

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Skiing in a group can be frustrating. Riding with your friends and family should be fun, not stressful.

Inexperienced skiers, forks in trails, and people moving quicker than others create separation and people inevitably get lost. This causes problems and ultimately negative experiences on the mountain.


Current ski apps are very similar to one another in look and feel and only provide features for solo riders.

If we focus on solving the problems of skiing in a group, we can alleviate a lot of the frustrations and make it a more positive experience. Features can also be added to enhance the social aspect of riding together, such as custom trail routes, stat trackers, and a hub to message friends, keep track of their locations, and to compare stats.

Making skiing in a group more rad.


Create custom crews of your friends and family members.

Keep track of their location while on the mountain.

Share messages, photos, locations, and stats with your crew.

Create and share custom ski routes.

Compare ski stats with your crew to see who shreds the hardest.

Get quick access to all the mountain information.


Never lose a friend on the mountain again.

Create a crew with all the people you’re skiing with.

Share messages and photos in the news feed.

Easily track each crew member’s location.

Compare and track ski stats on the leaderboard.

Utilize routes to ensure all crew members know what the plan is.

Get lost? Instantly share your location with your crew.



Want the most efficient routes to explore the whole mountain?

Know where your crew is, but not sure how to get there?

Create custom ski routes that provide the most efficient trails and ski lifts.

Share your routes with your crew before you embark to ensure everyone knows where the final destination is.

Set meet-up spots to regroup with crew members.

Get lost? Routes will update to provide navigation back to your crew or meet-up spot.

Mountain information

Stay up-to-date on mountain conditions and feel confident before hitting the mountain.

View hour-by-hour weather and snowfall reports.

Check out the current status of trails and lifts on the mountain so you know what’s open.


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